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Hi friends !

in this post i tell you a some of me, my life, my experiences, the things that like me and others details of my eccentric life .
i was born in 1990 in Puerto Varas, a little city located in the south of Chile (is a cute little town with germany life customs and europe architecture) .
My fathers are divorced much years ago, My father is a economic consultant and Accountant, my mom is Accountant but she is dedicated of the horse breeding and equestrian things. i have two older brothers .
i grew in a catholic conservative family filled of traditions, we descendant of spanish and french.

i studied in a private christian elementary school in castro city in the south of Chile in Chiloe island (this place is very similar to iceland or greenland in the way of life or weather). i have very good memories of this time, playing tennis and basketball with my friends, playstation, raw and attitude era, and other good memories of this time .
is very noteworthy that in this years i transform in a fanatic of the computers, today even i am a mad for the computers above all the mac.

in the high school i studied in a common high school, i have very good friends of this high school today. In this period i went a common adolescent, in my free time played soccer with my friends, listened music all of the day.

ok, we continue with this history .

In 2009 I become a volunteer fireman, today even am fireman.

in 2010 I did go to the college in the Valdivia city (south of Chile), i have a tech degree in industrial mechanical and mechanical drawing .
i did my intership at a scientific ship for 80 days on board, worked in a submarine inspection with subaquatic robots (ROV), this was a great experience .
also i designed a trailer for a electric car enterprise of Chile.

well... also there are difficult moments, i`m sick, i have a disease called ulcerative collitis, this condition is for all my life but i can live normally with medicines. this disease taught me to be a strong person and that i never surrender. God knows why you do things i am very optimist :) . and i am grateful to the great doctors that attend me.

In this moment i am dedicated to my personal projects and a part time job in a consultant office that attend a entrepreneurs in your start up companies.
I'm single but I don't care, I have a terrible luck with the womens.

i have much hobbies, the x games, play basketball, go to the fire station, watch F1 and FE Races in TV, use my computer, read, go to natural places in my Land Rover (i love the Land Rovers) . Also i like sail.

My favorite band is The superjesus, is an Australian Rock band.
My idols are five persons, Shane Mcmahon (Wrestler), Takuma Sato (racing pilot), Tony hawk (skater), Jeremy Lin and Shaquille O`neal (Basketball players) .

Bizarre tips of my life : Always I look bad in the pictures jaja I'm not photogenic.

Ok... this is a little part of my life, today i live in Castro Chiloe.

that is my history, and do not we know how continuous

Best regards from Chile !

some photos of my life !

Traveled in my Land Rover

Me in a yatch

me with my Fireman Suit

I sailing in the fog !

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Castro City

Puerto Varas
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Puerto Varas and Castro City look absolutely beautiful :). I'm glad to hear that you're a stronger person because of your illness.

Thanks ! yes Puerto varas and Castro they are beautiful places, undoubtedly mi favorites places in the world :) .

regard to my disease, the problems are proofs that the life imposed, It should be seen with opportunities.

oh thanks for your words, i blush jajajaja . In Chile, the majority of the ladies think that i am a very bored boy jajaja . i just do what i like, i am a happy person.
i think that you are a good person .
Oh that mountain picture!

I have a friend locally who is in his mid 20s and has ulcerative collitis so I've heard lots of stories about his experiences!
a Companion life
The ulcerative colitis is an life companion, i learn to live with the illness, luckily i have a good friends (physic and online friends) and my family, they group of people are a great support, also my great medic team.

Its very important having an Support Network.