the sail is a great liberty sensation

in my college period, i lived and study in the Valdivia city, is a little city in the south of Chile surrounded of rivers. In Valdivia i lived with my great Uncle called Raul, an old retired captain and naval engineer, he teach me to sail in your yacht, the name of this watch is "El brujo" in english "The warlock".
In my first sailing crossing, where my great uncle teach me to sail, the first word from my great uncle towards me it was "the sailing is the liberty, you not need money,you only needs the wind". This words they had many meaning for me, and soon i understood that this words be a very certain words .

In my first sailing crossing I suffered dizziness, i vomit and many other adventures but i learned many things that i no learn in the college or in the school, things that learning of the experience of the oldest people or the adventures of oneself.

today the sail is one of my hobbies, and my intership (in 2014) i did on board in a cientific ship.

some photos on board of the brujo yatch.

Brujo yatch

The dinner at sea :)

My great Uncle with your friends

Me as a helmsman
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Sailing is so wonderful and freeing.

Great pictures- thank you for sharing.

I am still learning to sail but hope to get better at it over time.
the sound of the waves and rigging is spectacular, and also, there's something the great waves and storms jaja