the reflexions of the day

really we have a real life ?
the last week, the laptop of my cousin suffered an accident and it was broke... in that moment i say wow, if my macbook it will break i will lose much information of my life, photos, music, medical records, information of my investments, work projects and much other information, the fear ran through my body ! in that moment i open my macbook, rapidly among to Internet, i go to the mac reseller web page and i bought an anti-shock bumper protector for my mac ...... but.... i thought, actually, our lives are archived in a computer, the computer and smartphones it were transformed in an important part of the our life, our entire lifes is archivated in a electronic device.
This is my first reflexion of the day .

the bumper protector jaja

My second reflexion is about the teen Depression.
My little cousin (16 years old) has a depression, tomorrow, i will go with him to the midtown for he relax in the cinema or mall, i think that "its kind of a funny story" is a good book for help to my cousin.

as you think i can help to my cousin with your depression ?

Ok friends, thanks for read me ! happy thursday :)

Do you need ways to help your depressed cousin? Helping someone who is depressed is a paradox almost. You don't want to draw too muchattention to the things that depress him, but you also want to show concern for his emotional well-being. Depression tends make a person believe that there isn't anything positive in their life at the moment. You should be a positive and genuine source for your cousin. Ask how his days have been. Ask how you could make future days better for him. Show that you care for his happiness and that you "have his back."

yes it's a very complicated paradox, the case of my cousin is complicated, thanks for the advices, the teenage is a very odd process, for me it was not complicated therefore is very complicated for me understand and help to my cousin
Wow, your reflection on the fact that our lives are centered around electronics was awesome. It made me think of how much of my day I center my focus and attention on a compute or smart phone.

As for your cousin, I think that it's amazing that you're spending time with them and helping them. Sometimes, it's hard when depressed to admit you want someone's company so having someone who no questions asks spends time with and helps relieve the person suffering is amazing. Distractions are great, too. I found that when I was depressed, constantly being busy and having people remove me from my own vicious thoughts and cycles was a great help. Those are some general suggestions as to how to help, but so far it sounds like you're already being positive and supportive!
yes, i think that the family is the most important thing in the life, i try to dedicate the most possible time for my family and my friends, my online friends (you) too are very important
i try to help for all the people that need me on the road, above all to my family, the mutual help is the base of the society life