Red is the blood of my heart, Chile will be champion ! Chile Campeon Copa America 2015 !.

i'm really happy ! My national soccer team is the Champion of America 2015.
last night we won to Argentina in Penalty kicks 4 goals to 1 .

Even if the triumph and the cups they were very elusive for Chile, we are a very united nation and we are able to rise of earthquakes, tsunamis and natural disasters, thanks of all disasters in Chile we are a strong people and very optimist.

is the first "Copa America" for Chile, the next year the cup it is in US, and we will fight anew for the triumph and glory ! USA get ready for receive to the champions, to the 11 Chilean warriors and the best National soccer teams of the world (Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay) .

see you in the next American soccer cup in USA 2016 ! Chile is the champ !

Viva Chile Mierda !

The triumph in NY Times.

The Triumph in Washinton post !

the goals of Chile in the penalty kicks !